ToTaL rAnDoMnEsS

We could all learn a lesson from the sneeches

My name is A-Mazing! The spelling is a little off but just think Sha-ree-kuh. I was named after a friend of my sister's in an effort to get her to "play with me." I'd say it worked, we're tight like glue.

I am from the City Beautiful by way of the Sandwich Islands. I am siiiiiillly! Lots of folks say I should teach Elementary school. And that poorly written sentence (along with this one that begins with a conjunction) lead me to my current, primary occupation. I am an English and Reading teacher. Those two subjects may sound identical but with the increased emphasis on literacy in Florida they coexist as individual classes. I work at a psychiatric program and love it. I typically describe it as an alternative school so padded walls and doped up kids don't immediately come to mind.
I have more jobs than that Jamaican lady on In Living Color and I love them all. I also work for the Y.M.C.A. and PACE Center for Girls. My favorite part of working is that I get money. I-I get money!

The extreme downside of YOU reading this right now is that you can't hear me. Seeing is believing but hearing is understanding...