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Back it up, back it up! | Flash forward

Where has the time gone

I went to bed, bath, and beyond to use my millions of dollars in store credit the other day. Good place to go, if you have an unfurnished house...but I don't, so kind of tedious.

AS you may have known, I was lacking hangers, and I got rid of my dresser so I was pretty much throwing all my jeans on the top shelf of my closet, with my shoes up there too, I'm surprised no one died.

So I bought wooden hangers (20), and still had like $12 left...so I looked at the picture frames, and they had this really cool one for like $20 but I'm going to go back and use my $5 off, and 10% of cards, lol. So I forced my sister to spend my money after looking at flat irons took an ugly turn. So she bought a towel, and a washcloth (not like we don't already have enough of those but whatever). Then I threw in some candy, and jelly beans and had 4 cents left, which I informed the lady she could keep...lol.

SO I fixed my closet up all nice and pretty...which also involved me picking up my what's in the box, box and putting it on the top shelf...with no ladder. HA GOOD FUN!!

Class was canceled yesterday, which gave me time to get some stuff done but still SO much to do...(and none of it for school...you'd think I had children or something)


Feb. 6th, 2004 04:46 pm (UTC)
i really like this layout!! :D

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