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May. 6th, 2004

There is a protected entry that you will be able to refer back to if you are a friend (above)...so make sure you're logged in :-D.

*That was my update for the month, lol!

Countdown to spring break...


1. Read chapter 4
2. Quiz # 2
3. Read chapter 5
4. Quiz # 1
5. Internet module


1. Exercise 4
2. "A & P" page 26
3. "Garden of the..." page 279
4. Research Paper
5. "Soldier's Home" page 350


1. Exam 1
2. Paper # 4
3. Read 89-97; 109-113
4. Paper # 5
5. Read 97-108


1. Present chapter 13
2. Critiques
3. short story
4. Poem Revisions


1. Section 8.1 & 8.2
2. Section 8.3
3. Section 8.4
4. Math test

**My computer today told me I had a virus...it lied. I've decided that the cult microsoft is just making up viruses and releasing them, so you will buy their anti-virus software.

**I watched Gilmore Girls...they were both crying because everything is going wrong. I'm totally there now...my house is a mess, I haven't talked to my dad in four days, people are in love with me and I don't know why/don't quite care either, my puppy has bad dreams and I can't help her, I lost my cell phone, I hate creative writing, I'm not hungry EVER...but I'm not crying

**I have to take a test that I'm exempt from because I'm smart on a standardized test scale, and it couldn't be at a more inconvenient time

**I know people that hate each other, but continue to fake it...and why?!?

**I have big hair

**Teeka and I decided that I need to start saving up to buy my children...I'm afraid that I'll never be able to afford to buy one (being that I want to change the future and educate America and all, and make a difference and they still want to pay me next to nothing...) they should totally give children away!! Why are they $20,000?!?

**Stephanie bought me mountain dew, and its one of the best gifts I've received in a LONG time...its possible that I'm addicted

**It's 4-5 degrees outside

**That new movie about Jesus scares me...I want to go see it...but I'm scared (I'm not even kidding)

**I take EVERYTHING personally...One Tree Hill was really tough to watch this morning because it was a cheesy episode about a boy with the last name of Scott in a coma but I still cried

**I have to make Kisha a copy of my OutKast cd...I wonder if she wants both, one, or none...but if none then I wouldn't be making the CD


Grammy complaints...

J. Timbo was wearing pink...come on now

50 cent was nominated for 5 awards and didn't win ONE!

What makes Beyonce think she can sing a Destiny's Child song without Kelly and Michelle

Why were the presenters making all kinds of faces when OutKast won, and how come the cameraman couldn't find them

Why did Celine Dion get a standing ovation when her mic didn't even work

Why wasn't Justin nominated for best new artist?!?

Whose idea was it to give the grammy to Beyonce instead of R. Kelly

WHO were all those people performing, and why were there so many performances...Justin and Outkast is all we needed

How can the music community believe that people aren't buying CDs when people are selling 10s of millions of them

How was Evanescence ever a Christian band...did you see her duct tape dress...oh my geez

**SO much more was wrong with this...I watched and found myself becoming angrier as the show went on AND is the White Stripes only two people...how is that a band**
I just cleaned out my fridge, and turned it off...its retired!

If anyone needs a fridge, its silver with a black top, reverstible door. Some cubic feet, at least 2, no more than 3...not really sure on the details...I have one. I also have a leather jacket that is stinking up my closet that I am NEVER going to wear...I have all kinds of good stuff here, some G-Unit sneakers, some Timbs...a parka...see me!!

Feb. 7th, 2004

I planned Tony's weekend, then I planned mine...neither of us did anything we were supposed to today...I spent the first 4 hours of the day talking to Tony about how we were going to be so productive today. HA!

It rained in Tallahassee today, its raining in Gainesville now...I'm going to be UPset if it rains here tomorrow!!

Did I mention that its HOT!! 73 degrees outside, at midnight!!

Where has the time gone

I went to bed, bath, and beyond to use my millions of dollars in store credit the other day. Good place to go, if you have an unfurnished house...but I don't, so kind of tedious.

AS you may have known, I was lacking hangers, and I got rid of my dresser so I was pretty much throwing all my jeans on the top shelf of my closet, with my shoes up there too, I'm surprised no one died.

So I bought wooden hangers (20), and still had like $12 left...so I looked at the picture frames, and they had this really cool one for like $20 but I'm going to go back and use my $5 off, and 10% of cards, lol. So I forced my sister to spend my money after looking at flat irons took an ugly turn. So she bought a towel, and a washcloth (not like we don't already have enough of those but whatever). Then I threw in some candy, and jelly beans and had 4 cents left, which I informed the lady she could keep...lol.

SO I fixed my closet up all nice and pretty...which also involved me picking up my what's in the box, box and putting it on the top shelf...with no ladder. HA GOOD FUN!!

Class was canceled yesterday, which gave me time to get some stuff done but still SO much to do...(and none of it for school...you'd think I had children or something)

My possible answers

  1. I'm not going to Disney because their prices are ridiculous, Walt is probably turning in his grave
  2. Nothing...this is as good as it gets, I should probably just die now
  3. Steak 'n Shake!!
  5. WHO is going to clean up this mess?!?

Welcome to February...

I hate this month, and my reasons are three fold

1. I can't spell it

2. They threw in that extra day and it messes up my judgment for what day certain dates should fall on

3. SO much reading/writing stuff due this month


I love this month, for two reasons

1. Every year I hope that the rat looking thing will come out of his hole and have NO shadow

2. Its a short month, which means two days closer to next month's Chic-Fil-A coupon


Stupid February

Funnies for the month of January

I find humor in the weirdest places

Funniest song this month: "Slo Jamz" Twista, Kayne West and Jaime Foxx
Pretty much because Jaime Foxx is singing and last I checked he was a comedian
Funniest music video: The Darkness "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"
If you've seen it you know why
Funniest episode of TV: REAL WORLD SAN DIEGO when everyone got arrested!!
Did you hear Brad's phone call from jail?!? Robin's bail is $7,000!!

Honorable mention

Song: Linkin Park, Numb
Why does the guy whisper that he's caught in the undertow...if I were caught, I'd yell
Video: Britney Spears, Toxic
Not only does the song SUCK, but why is she doing that flapping thing with her arms?
Television: Til Death Do Us Part, or whatever
When Carmen Electra keeps singing that ONE line from Hey Ya